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Create schedule links in order for your clients or prospects to book open time based on your calendar & desired availability

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How It Works

Update Settings

Effortlessly tailor your meeting preferences by choosing between In-person, Web Conference, or Phone Call options. If you opt for an in-person meeting, set the address for a convenient rendezvous. If a web conference is your choice, leverage Projects Hub's Web Conference feature for seamless virtual meetings.

Bid farewell to no-show concerns and ensure your revenue stays intact. With Scheduling Links, you have the power to get paid before the booking even happens. By requiring upfront payment, you create a seamless process that guarantees your hard-earned income, all while providing your clients with a hassle-free way to secure their appointments.

Imagine a streamlined process where scheduling a meeting automatically triggers the creation of a deal in your pipeline. With Projects Hub, this dream becomes a reality. When your prospects book a meeting, rest assured that Projects Hub will seamlessly generate a deal within your chosen pipeline.

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Collaborate Seamlessly with Your Team

Managing your team's interactions is a breeze with Projects Hub. If multiple teammates are involved, simply designate the one responsible for conducting the upcoming meeting. This streamlined process ensures a seamless client experience and clear communication among your team members.

No more confusion or overlapping responsibilities. With Projects Hub, coordinating team efforts becomes efficient and organized, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

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At Projects Hub, flexibility is at your fingertips. Beyond syncing your calendars, you can further customize your availability for each specific link. Adjust your scheduling limit to determine how far in advance someone can book with you. Plus, choose the meeting duration that suits your needs for the ultimate flexibility.

Whether it's accommodating short-notice bookings or aligning meetings with your preferred timeframes, Projects Hub empowers you to personalize your availability effortlessly.

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Crystal-Clear Meeting Insights

With Projects Hub, keeping track of your engagements is a breeze. As customers and prospects book, you'll have a comprehensive view of your upcoming and past meetings, ensuring you stay on top of every interaction.

No more missed opportunities or confusion. Projects Hub's intuitive interface empowers you to manage your meetings seamlessly, giving you the confidence to navigate your business relationships with ease.

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Create Meetings

Manually create meetings with prospects and clients in order to keep everyone on the same page and your business moving in the right direction.
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Jump Right In!

View your color coded meetings, when your tasks are due, and jump directly into video calls hosted by Projects Hub all through the calendar view.
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