Designed specifically for you.

Our affiliate program is designed to reward creators who are passionate about our product and want to help us spread the word. The first cohort of creators will be limited to 10 individuals in order to provide the focus you deserve.

Our Promise to You

As long as you remain a member of our affiliate program, we will cover the cost of your subscription to the Growth tier. To kick things off, we will provide you with a personal onboarding and training of the platform to set you up for success.

For every new user who subscribes to a Growth or Agency plan through your affiliate link, we will reward you with a $20 commission. Here's the process: If a user initially signs up for a free tier using your link and later upgrades to a paid tier, we will pay you $20, regardless of the time it takes for them to upgrade.
Furthermore, you will receive a continuous 10% commission on their monthly subscription fees as long as they remain a customer and you are an active member of our affiliate program.

Every month, we pick up to four UGC creators for paid projects. Here's how we do it: In the first two weeks, we choose the creator who made our favorite video. For the last two weeks, we select based on two things: the video with the most likes and shares, and the creator who made the most videos in the previous month. So, each month, as many as four of our affiliate creators get a chance for a paid opportunity with us.

Upgrade to the Growth tier on us
Growth Tier
Get $20 for every paid user
Each week, we will partner with a creator in our affiliate program for a paid (UGC) project
Monthly UGC Engagements

Our Request From You

We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities, and we kindly request your assistance with the following.

Post once a month
We ask that you post about us once a month on your social media accounts. Though we would love for you to come up with your own content ideas, we are always here to help suggest ideas if needed.
Keep it in the family
We ask that you refrain from posting about other competing technologies. If there is something that you cannot achieve with Projects Hub we would love to build it for you! We are always looking for new features to build.
Request features you need, try out new features, and give us feedback. We want to make sure you are happy with the product and we are building the right features.

Join our group of creators

If you have not already, please sign up for a free account here and keep track of your referral link found at the end of onboarding or the Refer & Earn tab. Once you have signed up, please fill out the form by clicking the link below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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