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Projects are where you will spend most of your time. From one view you will be able to accomplish everything you need pertaining to a specific project including tasks, notes, quotes, and invoices

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How It Works


Set up your workflow then create tasks and assign them to yourself or others on the team to keep you and your team organized and moving in the same direction to complete projects on time!

Anyone can click into a task to create or get more details at anytime!
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Notes Notes Notes!

Take notes in any format at anytime to capture the most important moments

Format your notes with bold, highlighting, underline, code blocks, emojis, multiple headings, and much more!

Create numbered, bulleted, and todo lists to keep you on track. Throw in a few tables while you're at it!
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Boost your productivity.
Start using Projects Hub today.

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Create & Send Your Quote

Add your quote title, description, and line item prices plus taxes. Once that is complete, set your turnaround time and your quote is ready to be sent off.

Once your quote is ready to be sent to your client, it's as easy as hitting the "send quote" button and a text will be sent to your client with a link to accept your terms.
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Lets get Paid!

The best part of the job! We leverage Stripe, a payment processor that everyone knows and loves, to ensure trust with your clients.

Your clients can also pay with various forms of payment to ensure you get paid as quickly as possible.
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