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Meet the best alternative to Pensight

The journey of managing your business and clients deserves the best tool available, and that's where Projects Hub shines. Let's explore why Projects Hub is the superior choice over Pensight, offering an array of features to streamline your freelance or small business operations.

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Pipeline Mastery

Take control of your sales process with our powerful deal trackers. Define each stage, set probabilities, and prevent deals from going stale. Pensight's deal tracker management simply can't match the depth and flexibility Projects Hub offers.
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Holistic Business Management

Projects Hub goes beyond product sales. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage every aspect of your business, from marketing to finance and client relationships. It's an all-in-one solution, so you don't have to juggle multiple platforms.
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Scheduling Links

Scheduling links are invaluable for freelancers, streamlining appointment bookings and making life easier for both freelancers and their clients. PenSight provides a user-friendly feature that allows you to set your general availability, simplifying the booking process. But here's the catch: PenSight doesn't offer the versatility to set multiple availabilities tailored to different situations or clients.

On the other hand, Projects Hub recognizes the diverse needs of freelancers. That's why it takes scheduling a step further. With Projects Hub, you have the power to set multiple availability links, depending on your unique schedule and the nature of which service being offered.
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Video Presentations

In today's visual world, video is king. Projects Hub lets you create and share videos directly, a feature Pensight doesn't offer. Share your expertise, welcome new clients, or explain proposals with ease, enhancing your client experience.
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Feature comparison

Business feature comparison
FeaturePensight planProjects Hub plan
First Tier$0/mo$0/mo
Second Tier$29/mo$16/mo
Third Tier$99/mo$20/mo
Pipeline ManagementNoYes
Video RecordingNoYes
2-way SMSNoYes
2-way EmailNoNo
Bio LinksYesYes
Sell Digital Products & SubscriptionsYesYes
Calendar SyncYesYes
Scheduling PagesNoYes
Send InvoicesNoYes
Sign ContractsNoYes
Dynamic FormsYesYes
Accept PaymentsYesYes
Recurring PaymentsYesYes
QuickBooks IntegrationNoNo
Video MeetingsNatively SupportedNatively Supported
Contract TemplatesNoNo
Client PortalsYesNo